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Yamataka Suichô (dates unknown)
Festivities during the twelve months
Seals: Yamataka Suichô, others unread
Technique: colours on paper
Date: c. 1850
Condition: lightly toned and a few small imperfactions, otherwise very good

Originally these paintings were painted directly in an album. After breaking up the album they were pasted on a screen. After dismounting the screen they were rehabilitated as a group of album drawings.

The twelve events are (not in order):
Tea party
Shishimai (Lion dance)
Hishimochi (3rd month)
Visit to the Inari shrine
Man and boy wih fish decoration
Tsurumeso (Head of Gion festival parade)
Two dancing women (Obon matsuri)
Horse race
Barrel carriers
Man with chrysanthemum
Three Musicians
Two Musicians

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