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Murase Taiitsu (1803-1881)
My natural place
Signed: Taiitsu Rôjin heidai
Seals: Rei Taiitsu
Technique: sumi on paper 106,7 x 29,7
Mounting: cream paper
167 x 29,7
Condition: A few holes at the top of the original mounting. Lightly creased, otherwise good


My natural place
All the methods that restrict man don't apply to me,
What you see in this painting is my natural place.
Where peaks and ridges pull back, there is some elbow room;
Pale ink penetrates the forest, and distant mountains emerge.
Comp. Addiss # 22, Sôjin ’81 # 23, Sôjin ’83 p. 7

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