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Murase Taiitsu (1803-1881)
Shinsai, The soul of colour
Technique: sumi & colours on paper 9,7 x 6,3
Date: 1866, summer
Condition: wooden covers. Very good

The introduction (title) and the first painting are by Taiitsu.
Based on acomparison of styles, the other 15 pages of calligraphy and paintings are most probably by Taiitsu’s (to me unknown) pupils.

01 Taiitsu, Murase (1803-1881): Shinsai, the soul of colour 神彩
Sign: Taiitsu Rôjin 太乙老人, seal: Tenka 「印」天華
date: 1866, summer, Hinoe-tora hatsu natsu 丙寅初夏
02 Taiitsu, Murase (1803-1881): Dance performance
Sign: Taiotsu Rôjin giboku 太乙老人戯墨, seal: Tenka「印」天華
03 .. dai: Poem sign: .., seal: ..dai 。大
04 .. dai: .. Orchid. sign: .., seal: ..dai 。大
05 Shûroku (..-..): Mushroom
sign: Sha Shûroku sô 秀禄寫叟 seal:
date: 1871, summer, Kanoto hitsuji natsujitsu 辛未夏日
06 poem sign: Kangai 乾外, seal: Genshin 言真
07 Hôshû (..-..). Drinking tea
sign: Hôshû shai 方洲寫意 seal: Fûin 封印
08 Saishû (..-..): poem. sign: Saishû mitei 蔡洲未定, seal: Teikan 貞幹
09 Shûroku (..-..): Cabin and sail
sign: Shûroku sei 秀禄生
10 Unread: Cabin and sail. sign: .. .. sha, seal: .. ..
11 Unknown: Cabin sign: unread seal:
12 Illegable: Orchid. seal: .. .. [upside down]
13 Kenzan(..-..): Landscape with fisher.
sign: Kenzan jin 硯山人, seal: Kenzan 硯山
14 Hôshû (..-..): orchid (sumi col)
sign: Sei .. 晴。 seals: Join & Fûin 「印」敍印、封印
date: 1871, summer, Kinoto hitsuji natsujitsu 「印」敍印、封印
15 Hôshû (..-..): Peony sign: Hôshû 芳洲, seals: Hôshû, Koryô 芳州、古良
16 Senseki (..-..): drinking tea. sign: Senseki 泉石, seal: .. ..
17 Unseki: Bamboo sign: Unseki .. 雲石 seal: unread