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Murase Taiitsu (1803-1881)
Nanga / Bunjin
Boiling water for tea in the green shade
Signed: Taiitsu Rôjin heidai
Seals: Taiitsu Rôjin sanzetsu & Hakusetsu
Technique: sumi on paper 150,2 x 45,5
Mounting: brown paper
195 x 54,8
Condition: Strong waterstains at the top of the original mounting. Waterstains at the top, otherwise good


Boiling water for tea in the green shade
Walking by the crossroads, we can hear the babbling brook,
As we enter the forest, the stream also slants inward.
Below the rocks, the water is so pure we can count the fish;
In the green shade, we spread out mats to taste the new tea.
Comp. Addiss # 21

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