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1. Kiyohara Yukinobu (1643-1682)
Murasaki Shikibu
Signed: Kiyohara-shi onna Yukinobu hitsu
Seals: Kiyohara-jo
Technique: colours on silk 110 x 40.4
Mounting: blue damask and brown silk
bome rollers, 192.5 x 50.8
Box: inscribed
Condition: Faint waterstain in top of the mounting, otherwise very good

Murasaki Shikibu was a court lady around 1000, author of the “Diary of lady Murasaki” and the “Tale of Genji”.

Yukinobu was one of the rare women painters affiliated with the Kanô school. She was the daughter of Kusumi Morikage (c. 1620-1690), one of the two best pupils of Kanô Tan’yû (1602-1674) and Kuniko, a niece of Tan’yû. After studying with her father Yukinobu she became an apprentice of Tan’yû at age 16. She was greatly influenced by him and her work became very close of that of her teacher. Yukinobu married a fellow pupil Kiyohara Hirano Morikiyo, and they were both forced to leave the Kano school. Her daughter, Harunobu, also became a talented artist.

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