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Yamamoto Sekisô (1872-1944) & Yoshino Kichikai (dates unknown)
Inuyama yaki
Kashibachi, bowl for sweets - Furô chôshun - Eternal youth, pine and roses
Signed: Rokuhachiô (68) Sekiyô Itsusô sha
Seals: Inuyama Kichikai
Technique: White porcelain with a blue underglaze - and red overglaze painting Ø 18 x 8.7
Date: Mid spring of 1939
Box: inscribed
Condition: fine

Sekisô, also known as Sekiyô was a Nanga painter from Handa Owari Province (Nowadays Aichi prefecture). He was the son and pupil of Yamamoto Baisô (1846-1921). Baisô, a pupil of Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863), was considered to be one of the three Nanga masters together with Kodama Katei (1841-1913) and Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915).
Sekisô ‘decorated’ a lot Inuyamayaki, often cooperation with the famous Owari potter Matsumoto Shigenobu (1864-1950).

Araki p. 483

Yoshino Kichikai, potter at the Kôryôen kiln at Inuyama.

Price: EUR 700 / USD 798