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Maekawa Bunrei (1837-1917) & Unrin’in Hôzan XII (1849-1937)
Chawan, tea bowl - bashô banana plant
Signed: Nanajûô (77) Bunrei ga
Seals: Hôzan
Technique: fine crackled beige and pink Kyôyaki with a black overglaze painting Ø 11.5 x 6.1
Date: 1913
Condition: fine

Bunrei was the son and pupil of Maekawa Gorei (1806-1876), who had been a pupil of Keibun. He was specialized in figure and kachôga subjects. He was a member of the Kyôto Art Academy and the Kyoshin-kai. At exhibitions he was a winner of prizes and many awards.

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Hozan XII: The first kiln of Awata yaki was founded at the old entrance of Kyoto near San’yô and the Heian shrine at the beginning of the 17th century.
Its founder of Awata yaki at the beginning of the 17th century Sanmonjiya Kyûemon near San’yô, Kyoto is said to have come from Seto, Aichi prefecture. In the 1860s the kiln moved to the Hachiman shrine and Hozan XII moved it again to the Sennyū-ji at Higashiyama.
The kilns were distroyed during the second world war. They were rebuild later, never-the-less the company went broke in 1953. Ito Tôzan III (1901-70) and Kusube Yaichi (1897-1984) gave the Yawata kiln a new start and was Yaichi especially awarded with the Order of Cultual Merits, the highest prize for ceramists. But with his death in 1984 it also meant the end of the kiln.

Price: EUR 800 / USD 896