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Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915)
Okame leading the deer of Jurojin, god of longeviyty, which is carrying the Jurojin attributes
Signed: Kiyochika
Seals: Hiroku Kiyochika
Technique: colours on silk 124,2 X 41,5
Date: ca.1905-1910
Mounting: brown silk
198 X 55,1
Condition: very good

Although Kiyochika produced a lot of paintings after 1900 they are quite rare; the Tokyo earthquake of 1923 destroyed a number of important collections of his paintings.

Kiyochika settled in Tokyo in 1874. He studied art with Kawanabe Ky├┤sai (1831-1889), Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891) and the British painter and journalist Charles Wirgman (1832-1891).
In the early 1880s, he turned to political and social satire and for more than twenty-five years he worked for a number of comic journals and newspapers. He was chief cartoonist in the satirical journal Marumaru Shimbun.

Athough Kiyochika produced a lot, his paintings are still quite rare. In the Tokyo earthquake of 1923 some important collections of his paintings were destroyed.

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Price: EUR 1,750 / USD 1,942