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Yamamoto Sekisô (1872-1944) & Matsumoto Shigenobu (1864-1950)
A set of 5 small chawan, decorated with orchid flowers
Signed: Sekisô sanjin
Technique: grey glazed Tokoname yaki with an underglaze blue tetsu-e decoration Ø 6,7 x 6,7
Box: signed by Shigenobu
Condition: fine

Sekisô, also known as Sekiyô was a Nanga painter from Handa Owari Province (Nowadays Aichi prefecture). He was the son and pupil of Yamamoto Baisô (1846-1921). Baisô, a pupil of Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863), was considered to be one of the three Nanga masters together with Kodama Katei (1841-1913) and Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915).
Sekisô and Shigenobu often cooperated.

Araki p. 483

The famous ceramist Matsumoto Shigenobu was born in Tokoname, as the son of Matsumoto Shigetoshi. From 1885 he produced red Tokoname stoneware (Shudei ware) with which he had great success in Japan and the United States. Shigenobu was also a skilled engraver of Tokoname-ware. In the Taisho period he concentrated on producing tea bowls.

Price: EUR 600 / USD 684