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Asami Kôjô (1890-1974)
Chawan, tea bowl - Sôtsuru, a pair of cranes
Signed: Kôjô ga
Seals: unread [raku?]
Technique: Beige glazed Rakuyaki, with an underglaze painting in colours of cranes Ø 13 x 7.3
Box: signed by both potter and painter
Condition: very good

Kôjô was born in Himeji Hyogo prefecture and lived in Nagoya. His real name is Torajiro.He first studied painting at Morioki Castle, but went to Kyoto to study with Mori Getsujo (1887-1961) and Nishiyama Suishô (1879-1958). In 1926 he moved to Nagoya He was specialized in kachô ga, flower and bird painting and repeatedly won at the Teiten in 1950 exhibition, and the Nitten. He established the Chukyo Institute of Art and made efforts to train backward. Aichi Prefectural Cultural Award Award.

Aburai p.12
Araki p. 1401

Price: EUR 700 / USD 784