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17. Okamoto Toyohiko (1773-1845) & Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843)
Diptych - Spring and autumn landscape
Signed: Oka Toyohiko, Go Keibun
Seals: Toyohiko Shigen, Keibun noin
Technique: colours on paper 122 x 45.5 (2x)
Mounting: green beige brocade and ocre silk
ivory rollers, 206 x 58.7
Box: inscribed and accompanied with notes and sketches
Condition: very good

Sofuku Yamamichiha - Moribeniha Oka Mountain path with foliage by Keibun - Woods with red tunring leafs by Toyohiko.

Keibun was the younger brother of the painter and poet Matsumura Go Shun (1752-1811). Go Shun was, in fact, 27 years older than Keibun and took care of his education. After Go Shun’s death in 1811, Keibun inherited the studio on Shijô Street. Together with Okamoto Toyohiko, he carried on the Shijô School, Keibun specializing in kachôga and Toyohiko in landscape painting. Keibun was one of Kyoto’s leading artists and the teacher of many talented pupils.

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In due time Toyohiko became Go Shun's best pupil. After Go Shun's death Toyohiko and Matsumura Keibun were without any doubt the leading Kyoto painters of the Shijô school. Toyohiko was a versatile artist, capable of handling many subjects, certainly an excellent painter of figures, but perhaps most skilled at (atmospheric) landscapes. Many pupils applied for training under Toyohiko, and apart from Go Shun, he was undoubtedly the most important teacher of the Shijô School.

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