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Ueda Kôchû (1819-1911)
Mangetsu-zu - Autumn moon and clouds
Signed: Hachjûrokuô Kôchû
Seals: Ueda Kyûin, Kôchû
Technique: Blue on silk 107.1 x 37.3
Mounting: green satin damask
192 x 51.5
Box: Auyhorized in 1904 by his son Ueda Kôho (1859-1944)
Condition: very food

Kôchû was born in Kyoto. After the death of Ueda Kôfu, his father, he moved to Osaka where he becanme a pupil of Nagayama Koin (1765-1849). He made a lot of sketchbooks during his many travels. An important member of the Osaka Art-circles.

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Araki p. 1556

Price: EUR 900 / USD 999