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Yamaguchi Sôken (1759-1818)
Moon, pines and waterfall
Signed: Sôken
Seals: Sôken
Technique: sumi on paper 110.8 x 29.3
Mounting: ocre brocade and beige silk
196 x 39.1
Condition: lightly soiled, otherwise very good

Sôken was one of Õkyo's ten notable pupils. Before his years with Maruyama Õkyo (1733-1795) he studied with his father, the Maruyama painter Yamaguchi Sôgaku. He was a good painter of kachôga and landscape, but he specialized in bijinga, (women portraits) in Kansai Ukiyô-e style.

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Price: EUR 900 / USD 1,026