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Odake Chikuha (1878-1936)
Fuji, sea and sea gulls
Signed: Chikuha
Seals: Junho shi in
Technique: colours on silk 111.4 x 41.5
Mounting: green brocade
183 x 53
Condition: very good

Chikuha was born in Niigataken, he was the older brother of Odake Kokkan (1880-1945). He first studied Nanga style. When he went to Tokyo he became a pupil of Kawabata GyokushĂ´ (1842-1913) and Kobori Tomone (1864-1931). He was a frequent exhibitor and prizewinner at the Bunten (1915); later he became active in the Teiten. Chikuha painted in a delicate traditional manner.

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