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Imaôji Yûzan (1790-1849)
Willow landscape, a landscape at leisure
Signed: Imaôji Yûzan sha
Seals: Seimon bôkan & Hô[gen] Genshû in
Technique: sumi and light green on silk 110,2 x 36,1
Mounting: light green bronze damask
190 x 49,3
Condition: very good

the inscription reads: 柳□閑居図 Yanagi .. kankyo zu, A picture of willows .. a life at leasure

Yûzan (Genshû) was the son of an official of the Shôgo-in. He studied with Nakabayashi Chikutô (1776-1853) and in due course he received the honorary title of hôgen.

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