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Shimizu Yoshio (1891-1954)
Bare trees in the mountains
Signed: Keisui Shimizu Yoshio
Technique: colours on silk 123.3 x 35.5
Mounting: orange satin brocade and beige silk
204 x 49.1
Condition: foxed, otherwise good

Shimizu Yoshio, a western style painter and illustrator for children’s books was born in Tokyo and trained at the Western Painting Department at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, of which he Graduated In 1917. His work was first accepted into the Bunten National Exhibition in 1917 (where he would later be selected to act as a judge), and he also exhibit with the Kofukai. He also painted in the Japanese tradition and helped founding the Nihon Dogakka Kyokai

In 1917, he drew the cover for Ogoncho [The golden bird], the first book in Miekichi Suzuki’s Sekai dowashu [Collection of world tales for children] series. In 1918, he became the chief artist at Miekichi’s Akai tori [Red bird] magazine, creating covers and illustrations throughout the magazine’s whole issues. His modern illustration style was an excellent match for the doyo (children’s songs) of Hakushu Kitahara and Yaso Saijo. Shimizu also drew a large number of illustrations for picture magazines such as Kodomo no kuni [Children's land], Kodomo no tomo [Children's companion] and Kinda bukku [Kinderboek / Children's book].

Price: EUR 600 / USD 660