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Yoshimura Kôkei (1769-1836)
Cherry blossoms at Yoshino
Signed: Kôkei
Seals: Kôkei
Technique: sumi on paper 102.8 x 28.2 (2x)
Mounting: blue damask and beige silk
ivory rollers, 196 x 31.3 (2x)
Condition: very good

Kôkei was the son of Yoshimura Ranshû (1739-1816), who was a fellow student of Õkyo at the studio of Ishida Yûtei (1721-1786). He lived in Kyôto and was one of the ten notable pupils of Õkyo. In the service of the Nishi Hogan-ji temple he painted a series of screens. A famous artist known for his kachôga.

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Price: EUR 600 / USD 678