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25. Teisai Hokuba (1771-1844)
Bijin and flowering plum tree
Signed: Teisai
Seals: Hokuba gain
Technique: colours on silk 98.9 x 30
Mounting: dark green gold brocade and light grey silk
bone rollers, 186 x 35
Condition: waterstains at the top of the mounting, otherwise good

Hokuba was born and lived in Edo. With Hokkei (1780-1850) and Shinsai (act. 1799-1823) he was one of the early outstanding pupils of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). With Okaki Ichindo (Sensôan)(1755-1820) he studied kyôka poetry. As a print artist he designed illustrated (especially kyôka) books and a small number of surimono.
Hokuba was one of the few pupils of Hokusai that established a style of his own. He worked originally in the Kanô style, which changed under the influence of Hokusai.
Hokuba was a successful painter of bijinga and sceneries of famous places. It seems that he frequently traveled to the provinces where he painted commissions for country patrons.

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