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26. Tsubaki Chinzan (1801-1854) & Yoshida Shôin (1830-1859)
Ume, plum tree
Signed: Chinzan sei, Shôinsei dai
Seals: Chinzan, Zetsu .. shinsui
Technique: sumi on paper 20.7 x 32.1
Mounting: brown and green silk fabric and green damast
dark wooden rollers, 93.5 x 35.3
Condition: a few thin spots, otherwise very good

今日先生醉認遠 / 宜於送墨見喜容.
Today the master is tipsy and thinks that it is [still] far away:
a good opportunity to bring ink [to paint] and see a happy face.

Chinzan was a samurai attached to the gouvernment of Tokugawa, an officer of lancers. Like many literate officers at that time, they devoted their free time to intellectual pursuits and Chinzan devotes himself to painting. He became a pupil and subsequently a great friend of Watanabe Kazan (1793-1841) and raised Shoka (1835-1887) after Kazans’ death. Like Kazan he painted portraits in a Western way, but mainly kachô-e.

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Yoshida Shōin was one of Japan's most distinguished intellectuals in the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate. He devoted himself to nurturing many ishin shishi, political activists, who in turn made major contributions to the Meiji Restoration.


Price: EUR 900 / USD 1,035