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37. Shiseki Renju (Renshu)(1842-1914)
Ume - Plum
Signed: Shu dôjin so
Seals: Õbaku Shu .., Shu..shiseki, .. .. shin ichiteki (top)
Technique: sumi on paper 135.3 x 32.1
Mounting: cream silk
lacquered rollers, 196 x 39.1
Condition: a waterstain in the lower part and some creses, but otherwise good

百花非一色 / 紅白各成春 / 捨紅唯取白 / 不是愛花人
Hundred flowers and all with different colours.
Red and white ones, both take care of spring.
Someone who rejects the red and only takes the white
is not a real lover of flowers.
(variantion on an old song)

Shisseki was born in modern day Fukuoka in the late Edo period, the son of a painter. He studied at Chonichi-ji in Fukuoka. He would rise to be the 44th head of Manpukuji, the head temple of the Ôbaku Manpuku-ji sect. He woud be well remembered for his calligraphy and paintings, especially imagery of plums.  

Moog p. 410

Price: EUR 850 / USD 977