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4. Kanô Terunobu (Hidenobu) (1717-1763)
Moon and wave
Signed: Yûsei hôgen
Seals: Terunobu
Technique: sumi on silk 45.1 x 63.3
Mounting: blue brocade and brown silk
bone rollers, 142 x 77.8
Condition: some wormage in top of the mounting, otherwise gooo

Terunobu was born in Edo as the second son of Kanô Eishuku (1675-1724).
He studied with his brother Norinobu (1692-1731), 10th gen. head of the Nakabashi-branch, who later adopted him and passed on the headship of the Nakabashi. Terunobu 12th. head, was greatly favoured by Shogun Ieharu (1737-1786), who gave him the title of a samurai serving the shogun directly and became oku eshi. He received honorary title hôgen and later hôin.

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