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Beisanjin Okada (1744-1820)
Landscape with scholars (visiting a friend in the mountains)
Signed: Beisanjin ga shichinijû (Beisanjin at 77)
Seals: Denoku Shigen, Beisanjin,
Technique: colours on paper 135 x 50.2
Date: 1820
Mounting: silver damask
202 x 67.1
Condition: very good

柴門流水依然在 / 一路寒山萬木中
The firewood gate and the running water are still there,
The road leads through the cold mountains, straight across the deep forest.

Lines from a poem by the Tang poet Han Hong (act. c. 754)

Beisanjin was one of the most radical and energetic bunjin expressionists. He was self-taught, mainly by copying from books. His brushstrokes are reminiscent of woodblock lines.

Beisanjin, an important Nanga artist, made his living as a rice merchant and he served the lord of Tsu as a Confucian scholar. His house was a gathering place for scholars and artists. Tanomura Chikuden (1777-1835) and Uragami Gyokudô (1745-1820) were his friends and Okada Hankô (1782-1846) was his son. He studied painting independently.

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