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56. Ikebe Hitoshi (1886-1965)
Station 49, Sakanoshita, Suzuka Tōge from the series: Tōkaidōgojūsantsugi manga
Signed: Hitoshi
Seals: Hitoshi
Technique: colours on paper 24.5 x 33.1
Date: 1921
Mounting: Purple and grey silk andblue and grey silk
seikaji (blue and white) rollers, 112.5 x 46
Condition: a faint stain, otherwise very good

The dangerous mountain pass Suzuka Tōge, famous for robbers, a woman bandit, and demons.

This Tokaido scroll set was hand-painted in an edition by 18 members of the Tokyo Manga Association. The images are based on a trip probably made in 1920-1921 and the paintings must have been finished soon after.
The artists involved include some famous names: Mizushima Nihou, Kondô Koichiro, Sempan and Un’ichi, among others.

Berry ‘01 p.165 (#103)

Hitoshi was a member of the Tokyo Manga Association.
Was well-known for his cartoons on political subjects which were carried in the Kokumin Shimbun and Tokyo Nichi Nichi newspapers. His oil paintings were unconventional and featured by humor. Many collections of his cartoons were published.