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Yamamoto Baisô (1846-1921)
Inuyama yaki
Natsu chawan, summer teabowl - Shokushoku matsu, the wind through the pines
Signed: Baisô
Technique: beige crackled Inuyama yaki with a blue tetsu-e, iron oxide underglaze painting Ø 15.6 (14.5) x 7
Date: Spring 1915
Condition: fine

Inscription reads: 謖々柗濤 Shokushoku shôshô,
The sound of the wind through the pines and the waves

Baisô was Nanga painter, born in Aichi-ken (Owari, Nagoya prefecture), who studied under Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863). Together with Kodama Katei (1841-1913) and Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915), Baiso was referred to as one of the 'Three Great Painters' in Japan. Baisô showed with Nihon Bijutsu Kyôkai and others and was a winner of many prices. In 1907 he showed with Bunten and served with them as a juror after 1912.

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Price: EUR 650 / USD 728