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Tanomura Shôsai (1845-1909)
28 Landscapes
Signed: Shôsai Denjun, Shôsai sei
Seals: Denjun noin, Shôsai
Technique: colours on paper, in blue bronze damask covers 27,2 x 15,7
Date: Autumn of 1875
Condition: very good

1. Scholar’s rereat over looking a brook and bridge
2. Cottages near the water
3. Bay view
4. Plumblossoms in the valley
5. Li Po at the waterfall with poem
6. Rock at the river
7. Chinese landscape with pagoda
8. House in the shade of a tree
9. Big rock, small cabin
10. Rock, tree and cabin
11. Landscape with flowereing cherry
12. River scene with willows and cherry blossom
13. Cloudy landscape
14. Landscape with temple and pagoda
15. River scape
16. Coming home
17. Houses at a bay
18. Scholar’s rereat in a lotus pnd under a willow
19. Autumn landscape with waterfall
20. Bay view
21. Houses on a cliff
22. Village in a bamboo bush
23. Lake view
24. Cotage with scholar
25. Travellers
26. Autumn landscape
27. Winter landscape
28. Colophon

Shôsai was born in Hyogo prefecture. He lived in Edo where he studied with Haruka Nammei (1795-1878). After Meiji Restoration he went to Kyoto where he became student with Tanomura Chokunyu (1814-1907) who adopted him. In Osaka he studied calligraphy with Gotô Shôin (1797-1864).
He also exceled at martial arts and was trained by Oka Hanshu.

Araki p. 145

Price: EUR 900 / USD 1,017