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78/2. Ikai Shôkoku (1881-1939) & Yamasawa Shôkô
Teaburi, Handwarmer, small brazier - Chidori, plovers
Signed: Shôkoku ga
Seals: Shôkô
Technique: Cream Kyôyaki with an underglaze painting Ø 23.5 x 17.7
Box: signed by both potter and painter
Condition: fine

Shôkoku was born in Kyoto. He studied under Taniguchi Kôkyô (1864-1915) and graduated from the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine arts and Crafts in 1900.
Upon his graduation, Shôkoku was immediately accepted as a professor at the Kyoto University of Art. Like Kôkyô he concentrated on rekishi-ga, historical scenes. He was a member of the Kyoto Bijutsu Kyôkai and displayed at the Bunten National Exhibition from 1909. He died at the height of his career at the age of 58.

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Shôkô I learned techniques under his father-in-law, Mikio Yohei Seifu III (Seizan) (1851-1914).
Yamasawa Shoko I, was born in Kyoto, and established himself in the Gojo-zaka kiln area, rising quickly to fame for the beauty of his works. He was rated alongside such greats as Kiyomizu Rokubei and Seifu Yohei. His works were presented at the Bunten and Teiten National Exhibitions.

Price: EUR 2,250 / USD 2,587