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Satô Suikei (1884-1926)
Jûnihakkei, 12 views
Signed: Suikei
Seals: Suikei
Technique: sumi and light colours on paper 24 x 18
Date: 1935
Condition: some pages with light waterstains and foxing, otherwise very good

1. Pines and bridge
2. Mount Inari
3. Arashiyama
4. Waterfall and swallows
5. Planting rice
6. Cooling off near Kamogawa
7. Cormorants
8. Rainbow and reeds
9. Autumn colours
10. Running deer
11. Floating ducks
12. Mount Fuji
13. Tama date and signature

He was born in Asakusa Village (now Ogaki City), Anpachi County, Gifu Prefecture. When he was a junior high school student, he left school to become a painter. He studied under Yamada Shokei (1866-..)in Nagoya, and later studied Shijo school with Ohashi Suiseki (1865-1945). At the time, he was a friend of Suiseki and as a tiger painter he was listed second after him.

Araki p. 2329

Price: EUR 350 / USD 388