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Sakaki Hyakusen (1697-1752)
Summer landscape with poet overlooking a valley
Signed: While copying a work by Wang Yanke Hô Shin’en
Seals: Betsugo Hôshû, Hô Shin’en in
Technique: sumi and little colour on silk 130 x 48
Mounting: blue damask
226 x 63.5
Box: inscribed
Condition: some foxing at the top of the painting, otherwise good

不用携琹來谷口 / 松風澗水天然調
It is not necessary to bring the qin to the entrance of the valley:
The melody of nature is the wind in the pines and the murmuring of the water.

(Referring to an old song for the qin (Jap. koto))

Hyakusen was born in Nagoya, as the son of apothecary. He studied Kanô painting in Kyoto, but turned to the Chinese literary style and so became one of the first leaders of the Nanga style. He copied many Chinese paintings which were imported in the Ming Period (1368-1644) .

Sakaki Hyakusen probably developed his interest in Chinese painting because of his family's business of selling Chinese medicinal herbs. As one of the pioneers of Nanga painting, a style inspired by the great tradition of scholar painting in China, Hyakusen experimented widely.